EL SAFA TRADING Co. was established in Alexandria in 1996. Our main aim is supplying printing supplies and accessories with the highest technology.
We did actually singed contracts and represented many of the European companies that produce those printing supplies and accessories, which were rarely found and on temporary basis causing great disappointment to print houses seeking for standardization.

Through representing those companies we were able to cover the local market needs with competitive costs and an after buying full service.
As with all the success we had achieved with our customers and our foreign representative companies, we are now signing more contracts with more European companies to supply the local market with more needed printing supplies.

We work as partners to our customers combining innovation with specialist expertise, technology and outstanding service to meet the requirement of the market.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers by achieving the highest levels of quality with standards of care. A positive and innovative approach is created by following the principles of our quality management system.
This combination of teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement provides excellent quality with outstand service and ensures the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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